• Rick Brodsky bass player

    Bluegrass & American Roots Music

    Production Manager & Sound Engineer


















    I play bass! Mostly double bass; a.k.a. the stand-up or upright bass. I play tons of classic bluegrass as well as other American roots styles. I have played in bands that play strictly first generation bluegrass all the way to bands that incorporate blues, folk, reggae, swing, gypsy jazz and rock. I also play electric bass guitar and a bit of dobro too.

    Live Event Production and Sound Engineering

    With over 20 years of experience, I produce independent live concerts covering all aspects of the event. I also provide sound engineering for live events specializing in small to medium, intimate acoustic concerts.

  • Recordings

    Here are some samples of my work on bass in the studio

    (Try listening with actual speakers or headphones. You won't hear much bass on a cell phone or laptop)


  • I Have Had the Honor of Performing and Recording With The Following Artists

    Jonathan Edwards * Flagpole Radio Cafe Orchestra * Korey Brodsky Band * Peter Yarrow * Tom Chapin

    Sleepy Hollow String Band * Ben Freed * Stacy Phillips & His Bluegrass Characters * Jesse Brock * Joe Walsh

    Jeff Scroggins & Colorado * Rock Hearts * Laura Orshaw & The New Velvet Band * Guy Davis * Lost Dog * Shoregrass         

    Dar Williams * Vaneese Thomas * Lucy Kaplansky *Christine Lavin * Francine Wheeler * Howie Bujese * Richard Neal 

    Jim Allyn * Tom Snow * Ramblin' Jack Elliot * Michelle Canning & Rough Edges * Mike Sassano * Jon Sholle

      Livingston Taylor * Kalia Yeagle * Sofia Chiarandini * Rob Bonnacorsa * Connie McCardle * Lara Herscovitch


    Jonathan Edwards

    left to right: Jonathan, Me, Jim Allyn

    Fairfield Theater Company

    Korey Brodsky Bandy odsky Band

    left to right: Korey, Me, Sofia

    Podunk Bluegrass Festival

    Stacy Phillips & His Bluegrass Charactershi His Bluegrass Characters

    l to r: Phil, Stacy, Andy, Me, Pete

    Daryl's House

    Sleepy Hollow String Band

    l to r: Me, Ben, Connie, Bob

    Paramount Theater, Peekskill

    Flagpole Radio Cafe Orchestra

    l to r: Howie Bujese, Richard Neal, Greg Burrows, Jim Allyn, Me, Francine Wheeler

    Edmond Town Hall Theater, Newtown CT

    Jeff Scroggins & Colorado

    l to r: Me, Ellie Hakanson, Greg Blake, Tristan Scroggins, Jeff Scroggins

    Northeast Pennsylvania Bluegrass Festival

    Jonathan Edwards

    l to r: Tom Snow, Me, JE

    Mitchell Farm, CT 2014

    Peter Yarrow


    Peter, Paul & Mary

    l to r: Francine, Me, Jim Allyn, Peter Yarrow

    Flagpole Radio Cafe, Newtown, CT

    Rock Hearts

    2019 Jenny Brook Festival


    L-R Danny Musher, Bill Thibedou, Me, Alex McLeod, Joe Deetz

    Sleepy Hollow String Band

    l to r: Michael Snow, Bob Bernstein, Me, Ben Freed, Connie McCardle, Jon Sholle

    Clearwater Festival, NY 2009

    Jonathan Edwards

    l to r: JE, Me, Tom Snow

    Lara Herscovitch

    photo credit: Adam Jason Photography

  • Production Management and Sound

    As a production manager and festival coordinator, I have years of experience supervising sound operators and stage crews at multi-stage events and festivals. I have supervised and provided leadership for planning and logistics in all facets of live music events. I have also independently produced concerts in Connecticut in small to medium venues, managing all aspects of the events. In 2013, I co-produced The Concert for Healing at the Ridgefield Playhouse along with Peter Yarrow and Tony Arancio; this concert was aired on PBS.

    As a sound engineer, I have provided live sound reinforcement for many artists including Pete Seeger, Lucy Kaplansky, Dar Williams, Tom Chapin, Guy Davis, David Amram, Josh White Jr., Suzzy Roche, Lucy Wainright, and Richard Shindell.

    "With Rick mixing sound, it felt like I was in a really great club in NYC. The sound was amazing"

    ~Lucy Kaplansky, Billboard-charting singer/songwriter

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